The National Incident Database

The National Incident Database (NID) is managed by the Mountain Safety Council (MSC) on behalf of the outdoor sector. There are two distinct databases:

  • Outdoor Education /Recreation NID
  • Snow Sports NID

The NID is a way of collecting and sharing information between organisations about incidents or near-miss events that occur in the outdoors. The information is collected so that the outdoor community can learn from these incidents and take steps to manage their operations more safely and prevent similar things from happening again.

The NID also allows participation rates to be recorded for each activity. Knowing participation rates allows an organisation to calculate incident rates, which provides a greater context to the accident and near-miss information held. For example, in a recent analysis, tramping came out as the activity with the most incidents. However, this probably reflects the higher numbers of people participating in tramping.

The facility works best if there is active participation from the whole outdoor sector: clubs, outdoor pursuit centres, schools, adventure tourism operators, skifield operators, and so on.

No new registrations are currently being accepted while we review the functionality of the NID. Existing users can continue to use the NID.

The NID provides:

  • a standard method for collecting and analysing outdoor incident data
  • an easy to use incident-reporting format that meets health and safety legislation requirements
  • identification of incident trends
  • data that can be used to inform the outdoor sector on current and emerging practices
  • an opportunity to contribute to New Zealand's outdoor safety culture.

The following guides will help you enter in your incidents: