The need for a National Incident Database (NID) in New Zealand had been identified in the nineties by a number of individuals and organisations. A project to create a NID was initiated by Mountain Safety Council (MSC) after discussions arising from the Risk 2002 Conference in conjunction with Rick Curtis of OutdoorSafety.org.

The project aims were to:

  • create a standard method for collecting and analysing outdoor incident data
  • have an accepted database standard that would allow for the collation of data from various sources
  • provide timely and accurate incident data to varying government agencies and participating organisations
  • work towards developing an international standard to enable it easier to integrate programme data from around the world.

To enable the database to be built, Mountain Safety Council, Education Outdoors New Zealand, and Ministry of Education each contributed seed funding in the 2004. The database first went live in 2005 and various agencies helped with the continued funding of the NID on an ad hoc basis.

In 2009 a formal Memorandum of Understanding was signed by the following agencies which detailed how each organiastion would contribute to the maintenance and promotion of the NID:

  • New Zealand Mountain Safety Council (NZMSC)
  • Ministry of Education (MoE)
  • Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC)
  • Outdoors New Zealand (ONZ)
  • Education Outdoors New Zealand (EONZ)
  • NZ Snowsports Council
  • NZ Outdoors Instructors Association (NZOIA)
  • Tourism Industry Association (TIANZ)

Following a NID stakeholders meeting in August 2011, it was agreed that MSC would become the sole owner of the NID, with the other partner agencies continuing to endorse and promote the use of the NID for the outdoor sector.