Outdoor Safety Resources


MSC is a national organisation with a mandate from our member organisations to encourage safe participation in land-based outdoor activities.

We facilitate the setting of standards, offer training, create and distribute resources, lead public awareness campaigns and foster positive support in the community so that more people can discover and enjoy New Zealand's outdoors safely.

The MSC website has information on courses, and free publications that can be used to help you plan your outdoor activities safely.


The New Zealand Avalanche Centre is part of MSC. New Zealand Avalanche Centre provides 'Backcountry Avalanche Advisory' as a public service. It is intended as an advisory only. Avalanche forecasting is an undertaking which requires extensive study and field observations.

Those endeavouring to travel in the Southern Alps and the mountains of the North Island, do so at their own risk. We recommend travellers be well informed about current weather, snowpack and avalanche hazards. Backcountry travellers should not travel alone. All members of your party should wear a transceiver (457kHz) and know how to use it. In addition everyone should carry a shovel, and a probe. Travellers should advise someone where they are traveling, and when they will make next contact.


The AdventureSmart website provides tips, links and advice for you to plan and prepare to ensure you enjoy it safely. From land-based activities like hiking, tramping and camping to an array of exciting water and boating activities, to airborne adventures in a variety of flying crafts and during winter, incredible and exciting snowsports are all on offer.

So whatever your activity and whatever your level of ability, use AdventureSmart's advice, tips and links to find the information to get out there and enjoy it safely.


The Education Outside the Classroom (EOTC) link has been developed to inform and support teachers and other educators in providing safe and effective curriculum-based learning that extends beyond the classroom walls. It provides links to supporting resources and organisations.


Outdoors New Zealand (ONZ) provides leadership and support to the outdoor recreation, outdoor education and adventure tourism community.

Outdoors New Zealand has approximately 100 member organisations covering all aspects of the outdoors community including clubs, not-for-profit organisations, commercial organisations, as well as professional, affiliated, and standards-setting associations at national, regional and local levels.

Outdoors New Zealand facilitates and provides opportunities for the outdoors sectors to learn, network and collaborate through a range of events e.g. Outdoors Forum, World Outdoors Summit and Roadshow and Workshops.


OutdoorsMark is a safety-focused systems audit designed by the New Zealand outdoors community for the New Zealand outdoors community. It is suitable for a very wide range of outdoors activity providers from sole traders to multi-activity outdoor centres and is flexible enough to cater for all circumstances.

OutdoorsMark provides an independent process for assessing the robustness of operational safety policies, procedures and practices for alignment with currently accepted outdoors community standards.

OutdoorsMark is awarded to organisations that achieve the required standard and is valid for a period of up to three years. OutdoorsMark certified organisations sign a licence agreement and are entitled to display the OutdoorsMark certificate and logo.

OutdoorsMark audits are conducted by approved OutdoorsMark auditors. OutdoorsMark is administered, managed, and promoted by Outdoors New Zealand.


The purpose of the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment is to be a catalyst for a high performing economy to ensure New Zealand's lasting prosperity and wellbeing.

MBIE develops and delivers policy, services, advice and regulation to support business growth and the prosperity and wellbeing of all New Zealanders.

MBIE integrates the functions of four former agencies - the Ministry of Economic Development, the Ministry of Science and Innovation, the Department of Labour and the Department of Building and Housing.

The Labour Information website has a wealth of information and guidance on various health and safety regulations.


This website provides information about New Zealand injury data. You can find information about Statistics New Zealand's role as Injury Information Manager, and the Official Injury Information Programme. Links are provided to published data reports, information about injury data collected in New Zealand, reports and articles related to injury data, and to the websites of other agencies that produce injury information.